• COVID-19 vaccine rollout update


    To roll out the largest vaccination programme in our history we are vaccinating people in groups, starting with those most likely to catch the virus and those most at risk of getting sick.


    Our focus is on continuing to get those in Groups 1 and 2 vaccinated and those in Group 3 booked and vaccinated. Everyone in Group 3 will be invited to book their vaccination by the end of July.


    From 28 July people in Group 4 will be able to register their details on Book My Vaccine (the new national booking system). Once bookings are open for each age group people will be sent an email or text letting them know it’s their turn to book. Book My Vaccine and a national booking 0800 number will be ready to use from 28 July.


    You can find more details here.

CSC Information

After a lot a deliberation we have decided to to join the CSC scheme that means our patients with CSC will now pay $19.50 for a basic funded consultation.

We still have grave concerns that this CSC scheme is poorly conceived and implemented and has the potential to over burden and seriously harm quality general practice in New Zealand.

Unfortunately because of Covid 19 the country is heading into very bleak economic times with high levels of unemployment and financial stress.

We have therefore decided that is is more important to support those in need at this difficult time.

Other surgeries that have gone with the CSC scheme have had to significantly increase their fees for patients without community services cards and some have reduced their consultations to 10 minutes. We will not be doing this.

Some consultations are not covered by the scheme such as driver license medicals so please check with reception when requesting an appointment to avoid an unexpected bill.

Fees can be paid through online banking and automatic payments using your name and date of birth as the reference. Our bank account details are:   Westpac 03-1592-0338906-00

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