Because of the high demand for the MMR vaccine in Christchurch we are currently unable to order stocks from our supplier. This is likely to change in the next few days.

Please DO NOT PHONE  the practice with measles enquiries unless you fall into one of the 3 high priority groups outlined below. These are our current priorities for the MMR vaccination:

1)  Anyone in direct contact with a confirmed measles case who has not had 2 doses of MMR

2)  Adults born after 1969 who KNOW they have not received any doses of MMR

3)  Children aged 15mths to 5 years who have never received any doses of MMR

If any of these 3 groups apply to you please contact us on 03-3899385

Once we have resumption of MMR supply our next priority groups will be:-

1)  Children aged 12 – 15mths. These children can have MMR early at the request of the parent/caregiver.  This may become a public health recommendation if the outbreak worsens.

2)  Children aged 16mths – 5 years who have had 1 dose of MMR. Again we may be directed to immunise these children early, and this can happen by parental choice as soon as our stocks are replenished.

3)  Adults born 1969 – 1990 who do not have documentation of 2 doses of MMR.  Please note, we may not hold information about your childhood vaccinations at our practice and you will need to discuss your vaccination history with family members.

General Advice

  • Anyone who has had 2 doses of MMR in their lifetime is protected from measles.
  • People born BEFORE 1969 are considered to be protected and do not require immunising.
  • Children over 5 years who have had 2 doses of MMR vaccine are protected.

We appreciate this is a concerning time for our patients, but need to ensure that our phone lines are available for patients needing to call us for assistance due to ill health.

Further information can be found on Click on the measles image in the bottom right hand corner. 

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